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“I am pleased to say that BS 6465-2: 2017 ‘Sanitary Installations. Space recommendations – code of practice’ has now been published. This updates the 1996 version, and for the first time includes space requirements for baby changing. Where possible, a separate family room is recommended, so that the parent, young children, babies (and pushchairs!) do not have to be separated to use the toilet facilities. There are other recommendations which it is hoped will ease space problems, and the standard should be useful for both the design of new toilets and for upgrading existing facilities.”
Michelle Barkley (6465-2 committee member) - 26 September 2017
“Updated by experts to meet current requirements for information, the third edition of this concise, easy-to-use, free guide, identifies many issues which need to be considered by organisations having a special interest in the provision of ‘away from home’ toilets. Carefully researched, it suggests ways to improve standards and encourage good practice.”
The British Toilet association – January 2016
“This is a straightforward, easy to use, guide to the provision of public toilets fit for the 21st century. All providers of public facilities should read this to avoid the simple mistakes in design and provision we see so often. “
Baroness Randerson – 28 January 2016

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“A valuable resource for any organisation that is providing appropriate facilities for pregnant women and parents with young children. Brings everything you need to know into one place, to save time in meeting public needs.”
Rosie Dodds, Senior Policy Adviser, NCT – 22 December 2015
“This is a useful guide that identifies many issues that require consideration and action by providers, designers and builders of public toilet facilities. It makes good use of the recommendations contained in the British Standard series of documents about sanitary provision – BS 6465 – and references many other helpful sources as well.”
John Griggs MD of JPJN Partners Ltd – 18 December 2015
“This is an excellent easy guide to public toilet design, which should assist in solving problems and in helping providers to achieve good standards.”
Michelle Barkley, Technical Director, Chapman Taylor – 15 December 2015
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